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Best Shark Movies

While the movies on this list fall into two categories in terms of critical reception, Jaws and not Jaws, that doesn't mean there isn't value to be had in the modern 'Sharksploitation' movement. All must watch movies if you're thinking of taking up surfing!

'Movies Like Snakes on a Train': The Great American Mockbuster

Mockbusters are movies that piggyback on the publicity of a major motion picture; often they capitalize on SEO with a nearly identical title and movie poster. Is it what the directors dreamed about making in film school? Probably not. Did we give a shit after watching 'Sharknado'? No.

'Movies Like Sharknado': Truly Absurd Creature Features

As if a tornado wasn't bad enough without a community of (presumably very dizzy) sharks living inside: no here every beaver is a zombie, every spider giant-ass. So look no further for your absurd killer-animal antics, friend.

'Movies Like Mega Shark': Syfy Channel's Greatest Hits

Mansquito, Anonymous Rex, Frankenfish... these are but a few of the colorful creatures contained within the Syfy original movie canon. Ah, and of course let's not forget the modern masterpiece 'Sharknado' about... you know what it's about