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Documentaries about Genocide and Atrocities

Stalin said one death was a tragedy but a million only a statistic--but these documentaries reverse the equation and bring to life the human tragedy of large-scale massacres

Movies Like 71: Gritty IRA Flicks

Tense thriller/dramas detailing the highs and lows of the Irish Republican Army in their fight for independence from John Bull. While their public perception took a heavy dip from the days of the Easter uprising, you'll have to decide for yourself the justness of their cause.

'Movies Like Blood Diamond': Drama Movies Set in Africa

This collection contains modern drama films set in Africa. Many, however, are produced by western production companies and come with their own sets of biases and agendas.

'Crimes Against Humanity': Modern Genocide Drama

Hard-hitting films detailing genocides that have occurred since the end of WW2, including depictions of the Rwandan genocide in 'Kinyarwanda' and 'Hotel Rwanda', Pol Pot's reign of terror in 'The Killing Fields', and the 1973 Chilean right-wing purges in 'Missing'.

'Movies Like Hotel Rwanda': Rwandan Genocide Movies

Harrowing films depicting the 100 day Rwandan genocide of 1994. Some of the most powerful film-making to come out of Africa.