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'Movies Like Platoon': Best War Movies of all Time

An eclectic selection of the best modern warfare (20th century onwards) related movies of all time, all the way from 'Run Silent Run Deep' to 'American Sniper'. If you're a war-buff, we're sure you won't walk away empty-handed!

Movies Like Hacksaw Ridge: Great Anti-War Movies

Near the end of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece 'Apocalypse Now', the moribund Colonel Kurtz murmurs 'The Horror, The Horror!'. Such, and other cinematic testaments, drive home the absurdity and waste inherent in warfare.

'Movies like No Man's Land': The Bosnian War Revisited

Hard-hitting dramas set during the conflict between Bosnia and Herzegovina during the early 90s, following the break up of Yugoslavia. Make sure to check out 'No Man's Land' for an emotion rollercoaster and 'Life is a Miracle' for something lighter.