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Movies Like Uncut Gems: Intense A24 Crime Movies

A24 has earned a reputation for its stress-inducing movies; these crime dramas provide non-stop cortisol, often focusing on protagonists who find themselves ensnared in the criminal underbelly, with no way out.

'Movies Like Infernal Affairs': Best Asian Gangster Movies

These intense Asian crime-thrillers prove America has no monopoly on the quality gangster flick. From Hong-Kong police cinema to Yakuza thrillers, you're sure to find something to satisfy your lust for high-octane underworld action. Also make sure to check out "Drug War' for a non-stop masterpiece from Hong Kong!

'Bad Guys Finish First': Modern Criminal Thrillers

Focusing more on the criminals than the cops, this list features some serious underbelly badasses. Because the bad guys are much more fun! Make sure to check out 'Seven Psychopaths' for some Tarantino-esque fun!