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Greatest Modern Sports Dramas

The best sports dramas from recent years, including comeback tearjerker 'The Wrestler', fascinating true-life story 'Moneyball', and gritty boxing biopic 'The Fighter'. Why have fun playing sports when you can be sad watching them?

'Movies Like Coach Carter': Sports as an Escape

For most, sports is a diverting pastime; for the kids in these movies, sports is a way out of poverty, crime, and violence. Of course, they're chances are much better when a conveniently casted white savior agrees to coach!

'Movies Like Southpaw': 'Hollywood in the Ring' Boxing Movies

Whether you're looking for pointers on how to keep the bullies off your back, or just a quality sports drama with a bit of grit to it, make sure to check out our collection of the very best 14 post-millennial boxing movies, including Eastwood's challenging modern classic 'Million Dollar Baby'. 14 wins, no draws, no losses.