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Movies Like Goodnight Mommy: Scariest Horror Movie Mothers

Mothers represent safety, protection, and unconditional love — right? Not these mothers. Includes Austrian gem 'Goodnight Mommy'.

Movies Like Hereditary: 'Twisted Family Secret' Horror Movies

Families in these modern psychological horror films have dark secrets, often imprisoned in the attic or basement. So if you're over for dinner, remember to go straight to the bathroom and back.

Movies Like Relic: The Horror of Aging

A short but punchy list of horror movies that plays on fears of aging and the elderly; see 'Relic' for a tasteful examination of alzheimers through the lens of horror tropes.

Best IFC MIdnight Horror Movies

IFC Midnight, a division of IFC films, is focused on horror movies; this list presents the best of the best, including 'The Babadook' and recent entry 'The Wretched'.