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'Movies Like The Proposition': The Great Aussie Western

Contemporary westerns set in the outback of Australia, including the appropriately named 'Australia' and 'The Proposition' (starring a dusty Thor without his hammer). That's not a cowboy, now THIS is a COWBOY!

'Movies like No Country for Old Men': Neo-Western Action/Crime

Neo-Westerns respect the structure and traditions of the western genre, but take place in contemporary America - showing just how many true cowboys there still are out there! Check out our 'Neo-Western Drama' list for the soppier side of the genre.

'Gunfire Down Under': Modern Aussie Action/Crime

Nowhere breeds tough guys like the outback! Check out the very best action and crime movies the land down under has to offer from 1990 onwards; includes recent indie gem 'The Rover' and critically acclaimed Western 'The Proposition' - starring none other than Aussie native Chris Hemsworth!