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'Movies Like Red Dawn': Patriotic Movies for the 4th

From 'Top Gun' to 'American Sniper' these films are sure to instill a healthy love of your country in your jaded, millennial heart. Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Movies Buy!

Josh Peck Movies

Will he ever be able to shake 'Drake and Josh'? Probably not. Still, he has had some solid roles subsequently, in particular super 2008 teen-drama 'The Wackness'. And if acting dries up for him he can definitely make some money as a dieting guru!

Chris Hemsworth Movies

Hemsworth combines classic movie-star looks with pitch-perfect comedic delivery and Dean-esque scree -presence. As if that weren't enough reasons to make guys jealous, he also got to kiss Natalie Portman multiple times in 'Thor'. Great.

'Movies Like White House Down': When Freedom Haters Invade

In honor of 'London Has Fallen', we've put together the very best 'Democracies Invaded' action movies, all the way back to 'Red Dawn'. Poor England, they don't even have a second amendment!

'Movies Like Mad Max': The World Post Apocalypse

Watch out for the zombies...and the vampires...and the robots...oh, and don't forget the super-intelligent chimpanzees in these 21st century flicks. Personally, we'd just give up if placed in most of the situations in this collection of modern post-apocalyptic wasteland thrillers.

Modern Movies Like Stranger Things

This list leaves out source material — like 'The Goonies' and 'Monster Squad' — and focuses on modern films with a Stranger Things vibe. Enjoy!