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'A List with a Cause': 50s JD Movies

This list's cause is to bring you the very finest films from the original JD film movement. From Truffaut’s chef-d’oeuvre to James Dean’s most iconic role, these classics prove the timelessness of youthful rebellion (if not the timelessness of 1950s fashion choices).

'Best of Little Bastard': James Dean Movies

A list far too short. While James Dean only starred in 3 major films before his premature death in 1955, he left an indelible stamp on Hollywood, pop culture, and what it meant to be cool.

'Movies Like Stand By Me': Coming-of-Age Americana Classics

The most nostalgic coming-of-age gems from decades past: featuring endless summers, short shorts, and slightly baked graduates pondering 'what now?' The American dream distilled.