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List Of 2000 Films

The turn of the millennium turned out to be a pretty good year from Hollywood, producing 'Snatch', 'Gladiator', and 'Memento'.

Joaquin Phoenix Drama

Whether he's playing a desperate alcoholic in need of acceptance, a haughty Roman emperor, or a folk legend Joaquin Phoenix carries with him undeniable stage-presence and a subtle command of emotional expression. That and he has an awesome name.

'Movies Like Caligula': History Highly Eroticized

To be honest, sex probably sucked back in the day, because everyone smelled like shit, there was no contraception, and if you got pregnant chances were you'd die; but whatever you do don't think about that while watching these erotic period pieces.

'Movies Like Justine': Marquis de Sade Movies

Imagine what a pleasant chap you have to be to literally have the word for sexual torture named after you. Whatever your opinions of the libertine, there are some inarguably great movies based off his life and work.