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'Movies Like Halloween': The Slasher Hall-of-Fame

For as long as there have been teens there have been psychopathic maniacs eager to teach them bizarrely orthodox lessons about chastity and respect through the medium of machetes. Check out such classics as 'Nightmare on Elm Street', 'Halloween', and 'Scream' right here!

'Movies Like A Nightmare on Elm Street': Teen Horror Classics

For as long as there have been disrespectful, unchaste teens, there have been noble psychopaths willing to take on the burden of ending their lives. Freddy, Jason, Michael - we salute you!

'Movies Like Nuke Em High': 80s Teen Horror Comedy

Flippant, fornicating high-schoolers needed murderin' in the 80s and 90s just as much as they do now. Enjoy such tongue-in-cheek classics as 'Class of Nuke Em High', 'Prom Night', and 'Class of 1984'!