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'Movies Like Old School': Hilarious Frat Movies

Listen up Freshman, you're going to watch each and every of these frat comedies... while standing on one leg, and eating this whole bag of onions. Do you want in or not?

'Movies Like Vacation': The Modern National Lampoon

National Lampoon's current formula: scrap character development, vaguely plausible story-lines, and any shred of subtlety. Add boobs. Lots of boobs. Hey, we're not complaining!

'Movies like Neighbors': Raunchy College Comedy

Frat houses, beer-bongs and togas - this collection of modern frat comedies carries on the torch of collegiate carnage lit by 'Animal House'. Make sure to check out 'Neighbors' for the most recent addition to the genre, featuring James Franco's cute lil baby brother all grown up.

'Movies Like Sorority Wars': Girly Girl Sorority Laughs

Sorority movies that will make veterans of their own sorority wars recall the cattiness, infighting, and elitism that can occur in college greek life, probably with a fond sigh.

'Movies Like Alpha House': Unrated Sex Comedy (NSFW)

These unrated sex comedies make the original 'American Pie' look like the Brady Bunch movie, and the Brady Bunch movie look like...well, never mind. They contain lots of nudity and advocate drug-use. Enjoy.