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Best 80s Comedy

Raunchier, goofier, and with a lot more puns than what you get today, the 80s were a game-changing decade for the comedy genre. Where would be without 'Airplane!', 'Ghostbusters', and 'Spinal Tap?'. In some sort of joyless dystopia we don't even want to imagine.

Steve Martin Movies

Complete works of the actor who has had white hair essentially since he was born. If you're from a later generation make sure you check out his comedy classics 'The Jerk' and 'Bowfinger'.

Best National Holiday Movies for Kids

The very best American holiday movies released for children—check out National Today to see what national holiday today is...there's always a reason to celebrate

Movies Like Due Date: Odd-Couple Road Trips

The premise is simple: two very different people stuck next to each other in a car for long distances. The results are always the same: unexpected bonding, just after the point of homicidal rage.

'Movies Like Planes, Trains & Automobiles': Best Thanksgiving Movies

What better way to celebrate this Thanksgiving than flopping down on the couch with this collection of Turkey Day themed films; when you're stuffed full of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, there's not much else you can do!

'Don't Call Me Shirley': Classic Slapstick Movies

The best comedies from the 1980-1999, otherwise known as the golden era of slapstick. Includes such gems as 'Airplane', 'Spaceballs', and 'Ace Ventura'