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'Movies Like The Jungle Book': Classic Children's Book Adaptations

It's hard to find a more concentrated amount of nostalgia than in our collection of these classic film adaptations of classic children's books. Grab some warm milk and enjoy!

Movies Like Toy Soldiers: Toys Coming to Life Mayhem

Don't try to tell us you never walked out of your room and sprinted back in to try to catch your toys moving as a kid. These films capture the magic you were never quite quick enough to observe yourself.

'Movies Like The Lion King': Classic Disney Movies

It doesn't get much more classic than a Disney classic; CGI is all well and good, but some times nothing but a hand-drawn, sing-along childhood favorite will hit the spot! Make sure to check out 60s Sword-and-Sorcery gem 'The Sword in the Stone' if you haven't already!

'Bygone Sing-Alongs': Family Musical Classics

Don't act like you don't know the words to these classic family-friendly musicals. Planning a movie night? Make sure you only invite friends with tolerable voices!

'Movies Like Old Yeller': Vintage Family Flicks

The kind of movies Mom and Dad watched with their Mom and Dad. You really can't go wrong with this collection of the all-time family greats, which have stood the test of time.