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'Movies Like Old School': Hilarious Frat Movies

Listen up Freshman, you're going to watch each and every of these frat comedies... while standing on one leg, and eating this whole bag of onions. Do you want in or not?

'Grunge as it Gets': Generation X Defined

A generation of slackers, grungers, and frosted-tippers - Enjoy such classics as Dazed and Confused, Clerks, and PCU in this collection of films which aims to define the Gen X experience.

'Movies Like the Big Lebowski': Classic Stoner Movies

Yo man...what if these movies are, like, watching you? Ask yourself this, and other, profound questions as you enjoy our collection of the finest flicks featuring a preponderance of pot.

'Deans be Damned!': Frat Party Hall-of-Famers

From 'Revenge of the Nerds' to 'Animal House', watch these college knuckleheads battle crusty deans, meatheads, and the occasional enraged girlfriend, all to defend their sacred, right to throw massive keggers while dressed in bedsheets!

'Movies Like Clerks': 90s Slacker Movies

Ah, that most lovable of 90s archetypes: The Slacker. Purposeless, grungy, often oddly eloquent. Looking at well coifed youth of today - Justin Bieber blaring from their nintendo DS's, or some such nonsense -all we can do is yearn.