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'Movies like Perks of Being a Wallflower': Indie Kids Growing Up

Modern movies in the vein of 'Charlie Bartlett' or 'Rushmore': coming-of-age comedies with an independent feel to them. Watch these quirky youths becoming quirky young adults (who will, we can only assume, eventually become quirky senior-citizens)!

'Movies Like GBF': Gay Indie Laughs

Explore the best queer comedies independent cinema has to offer with this list of hilarious hidden-gems, and check out 'Patrik Age 1.5' for a treat from our Scandinavian friends!

'Bitterljuv': Bittersweet Swedish Dramedies

Let this list of modern Swedish dramedies move and amuse you: occasionally sweet, more often a little bitter and hard to chew - like an old pack of Swedish fish. Make sure to check out 'We Are the Best!' for a great coming-of-age flick!