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'Movies Like The Artist': Powerful Silent Movies

Actions speak louder than words. And actions set to weird, tinkly piano jigs speak loudest of all, as evidenced by this collection of the best silent movies from yesteryear. Whether they serve as propaganda or slapstick comedy, all are guaranteed to enthrall (while not waking your parents up)!

Sexy Silent Movies

Curated by Joyce Kulhawik

We can’t actually hear them sighing in ecstasy, but it isn’t hard to imagine from those shimmering “pictures” what was happening on the “silver screen” back in the early days of film when actual silver was embedded in the screen making it highly reflective and bathing the images in that supernal glow. Herewith a selection of sexy silent films featuring some of the screen’s biggest stars in some of their most indelible moments. Read the full article at her blog.