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List Of 1983 Films

Some early 80s classics for you, a surprisingly long list of classic flicks. We'd recommend early RomCom classic 'Valley Girl'.

Best 80s Comedy

Raunchier, goofier, and with a lot more puns than what you get today, the 80s were a game-changing decade for the comedy genre. Where would be without 'Airplane!', 'Ghostbusters', and 'Spinal Tap?'. In some sort of joyless dystopia we don't even want to imagine.

'Movies Like Animal House': The National Lampoon Glory Days

This collection witnesses the glory days of the National Lampoon, before they birthed 'Glory Daze' and it all started going down hill. Ah well, revisit better times with such classics as 'Animal House', 'Vacation', and 'Loaded Weapon 1'.