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'Movies Like The To Do List': Losers Losing It

Comedies about hapless virgins (male and female!) attempting to leave their wallet one card lighter on the quest for adulthood. Whether they're 17 or 40, you won't be able to help rooting for them.

'Movies Like The 40 Year Old Virgin': Raunchy Sexual Reinventions

Watch unlucky losers reinvent themselves as ladies men, party animals, and sexual deviants in this collection of raunchy comedies that take their tone from 'The 40 Year old Virgin'.

'Movies Like Hitch': Slick Date Doctors

Whether or not 'Date Doctors' exist in real life, they certainly exist in movies like 'Hitch', 'School for Scoundrels', and the rest of the romcoms in this collection.

Off the Radar SexComs

Everyone's heard of the American Pies and Superbads of the world, but did you know 20-something year olds all over the world are paid to act like teenagers and star in low-budget sex comedies?