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Best Western Movies

Who doesn't love cowboys? Well... to be fair, large-scale bureaucratic ranchers, frontier based law enforcement, and of course the entire Native American population. Fine. Those demographics aside, all are sure to love this list of the best westerns ever!

Modern Action Hidden Gems

Allow us to give these diamonds in the rough the recognition they really deserve! Make sure to check out 'Kilo Two Bravo' for the best war movie nobody's ever heard of!

'Movies Like Django Unchained': Modern Wild Westerns

Modern Westerns set in the days when it was still wild, wild - watch directors reinvent familiar themes, settings, and archetypes, as they keep the definitive American genre alive and relevant. Make sure to check out 'Slow West' for a recent addition starring Michael Fassbender!

Forget Indians, Try Emotions: The Depressive Western

If you thought the wild west was about cheap whiskey, thrilling gold hunts, and saloon shoot-outs, think again. These Cowboys are more concerned with a haunting sense of emptiness than renegade Indians.

Directed by Kelly Reichardt

American indie director Kelly Reichardt is known for her minimalist style, and portrayals of strong, if disadvantaged, female characters.