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'A Dirty Game': Greatest Political Biopics

See for yourself if the so-called 'Great Man' theory holds true by watching this collection of biopics featuring the worlds' most influential political figures, including Truman, Lincoln, and Margaret Thatcher.

Matt Damon Drama

Matt Damon proved his talents as a dramatic actor beyond a shadow of a doubt with critically-acclaimed 1997 drama 'Good Will Hunting'. And with western remake 'True Grit' and phenomenal crime-drama 'The Departed', he appears no signs of slowing. Also make sure to check him out in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' to see him channel his inner creep!

Matt Damon Movies

Why is it the only thing we can think of when we hear Matt Damon's name is the South Park guys' impression of him in 'Team America'? We are 90% sure he's more intelligent than that in real life.