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List Of 2005 Drama Films

Mid noughties drama came in all shapes and sizes. From the first instalment of Nolan's Batman trilogy to the Johnny Cash biopic, 'Walk the Line'.

'Movies Like Lords of Dogtown': Best Skateboarding Movies

These skateboarding movies trace the sport from the days of Tick Tacking to Tony Hawk's era, capturing the dramatic cultural shifts inbetween.

'Sweat, Blood, Tears': Life of an Athlete

This list can only make us dread the inevitable biopic of Floyd "Money" Mayweather, played by a yappy Kevin Hart. But until that day this list consists solely of great biographical gems: some modern, like 'The Express', some undisputed classics, like 'Raging Bull'.

Shows like Minding the Gap: Skateboarding Documentaries

Explore the history and distinctive sub-cultures of skateboarding.