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'Infantile Humor' Movies

No, no - we're not insulting your taste in movies. This collection merely contains comedies based on the hilarious antics of babies. Will these infants be even more screwed up than their child-star counterparts?

'Tough Guys Turned Soft' Family Flicks

Watch the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, and Vin Diesel find themselves in situations where muscles won't help, e.g. taking care of a 9 year old ballerina, changing a baby's diaper, and trying to find the last action man on sale!

'Movies Like Say Anything': Best 80s RomComs

As with nachos so with RomComs - the more cheese the better! That's why for our money the 80s produced the best romantic comedies ever. Includes Cusack's 'Say Anything', which inspired generations of young men to wake up neighborhoods with late-night boombox serenades.