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'Kinski and Co.': New German Gold

If you are unaware of New German cinema, firstly, it's weird you found/ clicked on this list, secondly, welcome! Find here the only introduction you need to the 1960s-1980s renaissance of German filmmaking, birthplace of Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog.

Best of French New Wave

Started by French auteurs in the 1950s and 60s, the New-Wave movement was about bypassing traditional narratives in favor of stories that addressed social issues of the time.

'Don't Stand So Close to Me': Lolita Classics

Humbert Humbert, and other addled individuals, fall in love with girls far too young for them in this collection of pederastic flicks.

The Feature-length Work of Rainer Werner Fassbinder

One of the biggest figures in Queer and New German cinema, Fassbinder was a wild and prolific filmmaker of much acclaim and scandal. This list excludes TV, shorts, and documentary.