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List Of 2010 Romantic Comedy Films

Turn of the decade romance with a few laughs added! Be sure to check out the Michael Cera great 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'.

Josh Duhamel Romance

The name hordes of women scream at red-carpet premieres is also the name most men struggle to pronounce (Doo-ha-mel?) when scanning their girlfriends' DVD collection.

'Movies like The Wedding Date': Cheesy Love/Hate RomComs

We all remember the romantic logic of 3rd grade. The meaner you are to someone the more you like them. Well apparently the good folks in Hollywood never forgot! Enjoy this collection of fluffy RomComs featuring lovers who can't stand each other until they can't stand being apart.

'Movies like How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days': Modern Lighthearted RomComs

Everyone loves a bit of fluff now and then - treat yourself with one of our contemporary feel-good chick flicks, chock full of ditzy leads, drop-dead gorgeous love interests (who somehow remain completely relatable), and kisses you saw a mile off, but still leave you sighing.

'Movies like Life as We Know It': 'Stuck With a Kid' Comedies

Imagine '16 and Pregnant', but funny, and with more celebrities! These movies find irresponsible adults (usually swinging bachelors) suddenly stuck with kids. Warning: more changes of heart than a cardiac transplant ward.