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Movies Like God's Not Dead: Making the Case for Religion

Whether the stars of these faith-centric movies are making an argument for God, or actually putting together a legal case, you can rest assured there will be no shortage of debate.

'Movies Like Now is Good': Harrowing Struggles with Cancer Movies

Watch the protagonists of these modern movies grapple with their mortality, snatching their own personal triumphs along the way as they seek to seize the day.

'Movies Like My Sister's Keeper': Children's Terminal Illness Drama

Possibly the saddest list in our system. Must have a high tolerance for emotional distress, a robust theological system, and about three packs of kleenex on hand to tackle!

'Movies Like Heaven is for Real': Best Faith Based Movies

Compelling tales depicting modern people grappling with doubt, faith, and redemption in their journeys of spiritual growth. Make sure to check out 'Calvary' for a dark Irish rumination on God, society, Catholicism, and - of course - guilt!