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Jennifer Aniston Movies

Are you a Rachel man or a Monica man? If the latter, then piss off and find a different list. And if you're a Phoebe man, well then you have deeper issues than trying to find movies to watch.

'Motliest of Crews': Cheesiest Horror Villains

"Innovative” is perhaps the kindest way of describing these totally lame, totally laughable horror villains. Welcome to a world of evil bongs and killer laundry presses! Oh, and if you haven't seen it: 'Gingerdead Man' stars Gary Bucey as a killer cookie, based off a manuscript by John Grisham. No, we're not joking.

'Movies Like Jack Frost': Cheesy Holiday Horror

Christmas, Saint Patrick's Day, and even Easter (no, not Easter!) get a blood-soaked remake with this collection of holiday themed horror flicks. And remember, next time November 26th rolls around make sure to pop in 'Thankskilling' on the TV!

'Movies Like Leprechaun': 'Trolling with Trolls' Movies

Want to piss a movie-buff off? Send them this collection of simply terrible horror movies featuring that most annoying of villains: the troll/ leprechaun! Includes the Troll and Leprechaun franchises!

'Movies Like Re-Animator': Cheese Covered B-Horror Movies

Classic B-Horror didn't have the budget, the stars, and the special effects of its hollywood counterparts. But they more than make up for it with delicious cheesy goodness! Witness rabbits killing people, santa killing people, and, of course, people played by very bad actors killing people!

'Movies Like Leprechaun': Most Sadistic Leprechaun Movies

Ok, admittedly this is pretty much all the 'Leprechaun' movies, but you do have an outsider as well, 'Red Clover', for those obsessed few who have exhausted the franchise.