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List Of 1997 Films

Really quite a good year for film, make sure to check out the sci-fi classic 'Gattaca'.

'Movies Like Toy Story': Best 90s Kids Movies

The 90s witnessed the 1995 gamebreaker 'Toy Story' as well as Disney's renaissance with the 'Lion King', 'Pocahontas', and 'Aladdin'. Enjoy the very best of this pivotal decade with our collection of the best 90s kids movies out there.

Movies Like Coneheads: Out of Water in the 90s

These odd fish find themselves quite out of water in 1990s America, whether because they're from different cultures, different time periods, or different planets.

Movies Like The Gods Must Be Crazy: "Jungle to Jungle" Comedy

The now outdated comedic trope here is indigenous and 1st world people swapping places; the films aim to highlight the absurdity of modern civilization, but don't always achieve that goal gracefully.

'Movies Like Cheaper by the Dozen': Family Slapstick Rib-Ticklers

Home alone? Why not enjoy some of these family slapstick gems, like 'Home Alone', 'Mr. Bean', and 'Daddy Day Care'? You're never too old to enjoy someone slamming their head into a hard surface while covered in soot!

Tim Allen Family Flicks

Tim Allen made a name for himself in film by portraying hapless father figures, forced to cope with Christmas catastrophes, poorly socialized children, and life after being magically transformed into a sheep-dog. And he thought Jill's nagging was bad!