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Kroll Show Crew do Movies

While many may know Kroll and Slate from "The League' or the eponymous 'Kroll Show', they have also acted in some pretty phenomenal big-screen comedies of late.

Movies Like The Bad Guys: Coming Home (with Mixed Emotions)

These drama-comedies explore the concept of homecoming, and all the joy, nostalgia, heartache, and conflict it can entail.

'Getting the Gang Back Together' Comedies

Modern comedies that reunite old buddies - usually from high school or college - for a last hurrah of drinking, debauchery, and poorly articulated platonic love.

'Movies Like Wedding Crashers': Modern Bromantic Comedy

Raunchy comedies in the vein of 'The Interview' and 'I Love You Man' celebrating the eternal, immutable, and solely platonic bond between two bros who can never quite bring themselves to utter the L word.

Movies Like Old School: Old Guys Partying

Comedies in the vein of 'Old School': enjoy our collection of raunchy flicks featuring middle-aged men acting like 18 year olds, including 'This is the End', 'The Hangover', and 'Wedding Crashers'! You're only as young as you feel (on the night, not the morning after)!

The Joe Swanberg Oeuvre

The best movies directed by Joe Swanberg, including 'Joshy' - starring none other than Thomas Middleditch.

Thomas Middleditch Goes Hollywood

Thomas Middleditch may have become a household name for his role in 'Silicon Valley', but he's also done his fair share of comedic toil in Hollwyood.

'Movies like Superbad': One Insane Night Comedies

Movies in the style of 'Superbad' or 'The Hangover': these movies depict their protagonists having the most insane night of their lives, planned, unplanned, or somewhere in between.