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Best Old (ish) Disney Channel Movies

Some ignorant people think Disney Channel movies started with 'High School Musical', how wrong they are: check out the Channel's best from before 2000.

1990s Disney Channel Movies for Nostalgic Millennials

The best Disney Channel movies for millennials now in their 20s (or even 30s, no judgment), who grew up watching classics like 'Smart House' and 'Johnny Tsunami'.

'Movies Like Camp Rock': Modern Disney Channel Originals

While the average critics score might not be particularly high, there is plenty of fun to be had on this list of all modern films produced by the Disney Channel.

'Movies Like Johnny Tsunami': The Disney Channel Sports Crowd

The stakes may be relatively small (this ain't Rollerball), but our collection of the very best Disney sports movies is sure to leave young athletes raring to go for their big game this weekend. Whether you're raring to drive them at 7:30 in the morning is a different question.

'Movies Like Blue Crush': Extreme Sports Comedies

While the comedy itself is rather tame in these family oriented films, the sports are all extreme: skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing.

'Movies Like Chalet Girl': Snowboarding Comedy Movies

Slapstick snowboarding comedy movies that put the 'ow' in 'powder', from 'Snowboard Academy' to 'Shred'; perfect for serious boarders looking to lighten up.