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Comedy Awards Winning Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy specials from comedians who have been nominated for or won the Comedy Awards, which are voted on by fans rather than critics

The Rant is Due--Ranting Stand-Up Comedy

Comedians like Bill Burr, Bill Hicks, and George Carlin who (barely) harness their rage in their on-stage rants.

Raunchy Stand-Up Comedy

Sex jokes are a staple of stand-up, but these comedians lead the pack in terms of sex-related jokes per hour.

Most Popular Stand-Up Comedy

A round up of some of the most popular stand-up comedy specials based on audience votes on IMDB.

Darkest of Dark Stand-Up Comedy

Their is no topic too taboo for comedians like Anthony Jeselnik, Bill Hicks, Jim Norton, or the other comedians on this list--not for the easily offended.

Politically Incorrect Stand-Up Comedy

Not a list for those who are easily triggered--some of the most unwoke stand-up comedians available to stream--be warned these comedians find a way to offend just about everyone.