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Tim Burton's Favorite Movies

Ever wonder where Tim Burton's fantastically dark style originates from; explore the auteur's influences with this collection of his favorite films, incorporating such reliable Burton staples as pitch black gothic horror and excellent stop-motion animation.

Best 60s Family Movies

These are the movies your parents probably insisted you watch so they could re-live their childhood. But in all honesty, they are pretty great. See the originals for a few Lindsay Lohan remakes, like “Parent Trap” and “Love Bug” and marvel at the wonder that is Dame Julie Andrews.

Best Vintage Adventure Movies

If you are a fan of pirates, sword-fights, and exploration tales with subtle hints of colonialism, then this is the list for you; the very best adventure stories from before the year 1980!

'Movies Like Mary Poppins': Vintage Fantasy Flicks

No spoonfuls of sugar necessary to help this list go down, these vintage fantasy flicks are sweet enough! Enjoy such beloved live-action fantasy classics as the 'Seventh Voyage of Sinbad', 'The Thief of Baghdad', and, of course, 'The Wizard of Oz', as you revisit the wondrous corners of our forbearers' collective imagination!

'Movies Like Bullitt': Best 60s Action

In the mood for some true action classics? Check out our list of 60s gems, including one of the best Bonds out there 'Dr. No', action dream-team masterpiece 'The Wild Bunch', and Kirk Douglas as slave leader 'Spartacus'. You don't need CGI for a great action flick!

'Movies Like Spartacus': Greek/Roman World Classics

Classic films set in ancient times (if you can wrap your head around that)! Check out sword and sandal classics like 'Clash of the Titans' (no, not the new CGI monstrosity), 'Jason and the Argonauts', and 'The 300 Spartans'. Come, see, conquer!