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'Movies Like The Tuxedo': Spy Movies to Watch if You Hate Yourself!

Do you hate yourself, and does your self-loathing somehow, on some deep psychological plane, tie in to an obsession with espionage? If so, then this is the list for you.

Owen Wilson Movies

Owen Wilson may always play the same character of a tousle-headed, twinkle-eyed, lovable deadbeat - but that doesn't mean the act is getting old. In fact (corporate propaganda aside) 'The Internship' was one of our favorites to date. If you agree then sit back and prepare to be reluctantly charmed by Wilson's complete filmography!

Eddie Murphy Comedies

Oh how the mighty have fallen - if you love Eddie Murphy do yourself a favor and only watch movies of his from before 2000. In fact, just stick to the 80s. You can't go wrong with '48 Hrs.', 'Trading Places', and 'Beverly Hills Cop'.