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'Movies Like Troy': Homeric Adaptations

Sing muses, of the fury of Achilles at being portrayed by Brad Pitt - just kidding! 'Troy' was actually decent. But we'd recommend the Kirk Douglas version of 'The Odyssey' before any of the modern stuff!

'Movies Like Gladiator': Hollywood in Sword and Sandals

Ancient war and action movies, in the vein of 'Gladiator' and '300': ancient heroes duking it out against mythological monsters, Persians, and wooly mammoths. Check out our 'Great Medieval Action' list for similar themes set at a later date.

'Movies Like Braveheart': Historical War Epics

A collection of movies from Braveheart to today, based on wars before the First World War. Not all stick to the historical facts - as if we knew them anyway - but all are guaranteed to have you hunting for cheap broadswords online.