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Greta Gerwig Movies

An actress synonymous with the phenomenon of quarter-life crisis. We are glad she got into the movie business, or else we could easily imagine her being just another stressed out waitress in NYC always on the verge of being dumped while trying to pay off college debts.

The Joe Swanberg Oeuvre

The best movies directed by Joe Swanberg, including 'Joshy' - starring none other than Thomas Middleditch.

'Here Y'Are Hipsters!': At Least Semi-Comedic Mumblecore

If you look up mumblecore you'll find out its a form of indie filmmaking defined by naturalistic dialogue. If that's too complicated, think whiney college-grads living in NYC, talking how real whiney college grads might talk. All characters are white. 40% are Greta Gerwig.

'Movies Like Garden State': The Great American Quarterlife Crisis

Fresh out of college, bottom of the career ladder, and expected to cook and clean for themselves! These quarter-life kids have it tough (in very, very relative terms). Make sure to check out 'In a World...', written and lead by immensely talented newcomer Lake Bell.