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'I Still Don't Get It': Best Mindfucks Ever

For many, the first movie that springs to mind is 'Fight Club', but other great mindfucks in this collection include 'Shutter Island', 'Donnie Darko', and - going back - 'El Topo'. Enjoy the 10 minutes of headscratching after the credits roll!

'Movies Like El Topo': Weird, Weird West Classics

Weird West describes Westerns injected with elements of the occult, fantastic, and absurd. It doesn't get much stranger than this collection of the very best Weird Westerns from yesteryear. Make sure to check out 'El Topo', for a hallucinatory treat!

'Movies like El Topo': Out-There Acid Westerns

Imagine if John Wayne dropped a ton of acid and decided to direct a movie, after reading a bit of Marx and taking a nasty blow to the head in a rugby scrum; the result is stuff like 'El Topo', 'Dead Man', and 'Zachariah'.