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James Franco Drama

From disgruntled rent-boy, to bling-toothed pederast, and parched spelunker, Franco can do it all. Check out this comprehensive collection of his dramatic roles. Warning: '127 Hours' is even more difficult to watch than the 2011 Oscars!

James Franco Movies

Thank God he's a better actor than he is an academy award presenter. Well, they probably don't let him smoke pot on set! Enjoy everyone's favorite lank-haired, squinty eyed rogue in a variety of comedic and dramatic roles!

James Franco Gets Artistic

James Franco may be most famous for his rascally sense of humor, but those familiar with his personal life - i.e. read his Wikipedia page - know he also harbors a deep artistic side; watch it come out with movies like 'As I Lay Dying' (which is a great alternate title for '27 Hours').