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Kiefer Sutherland Movies

The man who brought you dramatically underappreciated national savior Jack Bauer. Just like his father Donald, Kiefer Sutherland's stoic acting style lends itself perfectly to the action genre.

'Movies Like Natural Born Killers': Road Trips Go South Thrillers

Whether the leads are being chased by psychopaths (Cop Car), or psychopaths themselves (Natural Born Killers), these gritty thrillers are a far shot from your average buddy road-trip flick.

'Movies Like The Tooth Fairy': Fucked Up Fairy-Tale Horror

These horror movies get to the root of fairy-tales' original purpose: to make kids obedient by scaring the living shit out of them. Behold, murderous gingerbread men, actually evil witches, and a tooth fairy who should get 25 to life, not 25 cents. Enjoy!