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Patrick Dempsey Movies

Best known for his role as neurosurgeon Dr Derek Shepherd on medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy', Dempsey has also made an impressive career for himself in the romantic sector of Hollywood: starring in 'Made of Honor', 'Flypaper', and 'Valentine's Day'. Fun fact: Dempsey is an avid motoring enthusiast, and has competed in '24 Hours of Le Mans' and 'Rolex 24 at Daytona'.

'Movies Like A Fish Called Wanda': Heists Gone Wrong

A million and one things can go wrong in a heist...this bunch manage to tick off nearly all of them. Make sure to check out 'Tower Heist' for an all-star cast including Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller, or 'Bottle Rocket' for an Anderson classic starring the Wilson brothers as two bumbling criminals.

'Movies Like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang': Incompetent Criminal Cock-Ups

The phrase 'crime never pays' has never held more true than for these contemporary would-be criminal masterminds who find themselves well over their stockinged heads. Make sure to check out Jesse Eisenberg alongside Danny McBride in '30 Minutes or Less'!