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'No, Seriously, They Are': Best True Story Movies (Honestly)

Usually the type of movies that start with 'based on a true story', are cheesy horror flicks about paranormal investigators; not so with these incredible true stories, that chronicle everything from daring exposes to acts of martial courage and sporting triumph.

Harrison Ford Suits Up

Harrison Ford suits up as a lawyer, cop, or doctor, overcoming thorny problems with all the professionalism he can muster.

'Scalpel, Damnit!': Medical Drama Movies

Enjoy this collection of medical dramas featuring concussed athletes, mentally ill inmates, and the downright diseased. Come prepared with a box of tissues, tearjerkers abound!

'Movies Like My Sister's Keeper': Children's Terminal Illness Drama

Possibly the saddest list in our system. Must have a high tolerance for emotional distress, a robust theological system, and about three packs of kleenex on hand to tackle!