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'Movies Like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas': Insane Druggies

Movies in the vein of 'Trainspotting' or 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas': See life’s highs and lows through the eyes of cinema's zaniest users. Whether it makes you feel like picking up or putting down, you're in for a crazy ride!

'Movies Like Sicario': Drug-Trafficking Tales

Explore the world's most dangerous industry from the safety of your couch with this list of contemporary drug-trade movies, including everything from Colombian crime-drama 'Maria Full of Grace' to action-packed Hong Kong thriller 'Drug War'!

Irvine Welsh Movies

The twisted mind who brought you Trainspotting has plenty more surreal, working-class, Scottish insanity to offer.

Movies Like Human Traffic: Rave Culture Flicks

Hit the rave scene without risking severe dehydration and an elbow in the nose with this collection of movies that center around rave culture - some dramatic, like 'Weekenders', some with a comic edge, like 'Human Traffic'.

'Movies Like Trainspotting': The Wee List A' Scottish NEDS

Movies in the vein of 'Neds': this wee collection of Scottish lowlife crime is sure to leave you Glasgow-grinning from ear to ear. Some guidance for our foreign viewers: Chib = knife, Bas = bastard, Bairn = baby, Ned = Non Educated Delinquent!

'Glesga tae Embra': Scottish Social Realism

From Glesga (Glasgow) tae Embra (Edinburgh), these gritty depictions of Scottish working-class struggles show life in Scotia is more difficult than tossing logs and eating delicious oatmeal.