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Malick-Esque Cinema

What is it that defines the directorial style of Terrence Malick? The aesthetic may be difficult to articulate, but others have certainly taken a stab at emulating it.

'Movies like Brokeback Mountain': Neo-Western Dramas

Dramas set in the contemporary west, many playing on and subverting old western themes (for instance in 'Brokeback Mountain', what happens when two lone rangers decide to link up?). Pick a flick and get in touch with your wild, wild emotions!

'Movies like Safe Haven': Romance for Thrill-Seekers

These modern romantic thrillers may not share the same plot-lines as real life love, but they do convey the terror, excitement, and danger of giving yourself to another. So if you're bored of languid schmaltz-fests, pop one of these on and get the blood pumping!