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'Movies like Brokeback Mountain': Neo-Western Dramas

Dramas set in the contemporary west, many playing on and subverting old western themes (for instance in 'Brokeback Mountain', what happens when two lone rangers decide to link up?). Pick a flick and get in touch with your wild, wild emotions!

Lars von Trier movies

A man not afraid to push boundaries, Danish director Lars von Trier has captivated and disturbed audiences with such avant-garde masterpieces as 'Nymphomaniac: Volume 1', 'The Five Obstructions', and 'Antichrist'. We're not sure if we can recommend his movies to you or not, because, frankly, we don't know if you've got the mental toughness. Personally, we spent 3 months in a psych ward after watching 'Antichrist'.