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List Of 1995 Action Films

FREEEDDDOOOMMMMM! and all that. Check out Goldeneye for James Bond driving a BMW if you're into that kind of thing.

Johnny Depp Drama

Cheekbones so sharp you could use them to cut your morning grapefruit: enjoy Depp's always dependable charisma across the range of his dramatic roles, and try not to get lost in those chocolate-brown eyes.

'Movies Like Enter the Void': Seriously Psychedelic Movies

An eclectic bunch of movies that will have you wondering if someone spiked your drink, from hallucinatory masterpiece 'Enter the Void' to more lighthearted Beatles flick 'Yellow Submarine'.

Johnny Depp Movies

Slightly effeminate pirate captain, alcoholic Gonzo journalist, mentally unstable candy manufacturer: a screenwriter has not yet devised a role so outlandish Johnny Depp can't nail it. Enjoy the whackiest of his creations with this collection of all his starring roles.

'Movies Like The Homesman': Frankly Depressing Westerns

Growing up we though the wild west was all about awesome gun battles, cheap whiskey, and riding bareback in to the sunset; not so, these modern westerns argue: the wild west was about slow panoramas, undiagnosed mental illness, and unbearable guilt.

Malick-Esque Cinema

What is it that defines the directorial style of Terrence Malick? The aesthetic may be difficult to articulate, but others have certainly taken a stab at emulating it.

Movies Like Paterson: Jarmusch Gets Experimental

Enjoy the most experimental work of iconic Indie film auteur Jim Jarmusch, who looks more like a rockstar than a director if you ask us.

'Movies like El Topo': Out-There Acid Westerns

Imagine if John Wayne dropped a ton of acid and decided to direct a movie, after reading a bit of Marx and taking a nasty blow to the head in a rugby scrum; the result is stuff like 'El Topo', 'Dead Man', and 'Zachariah'.