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Movies Like the Ballad of Buster Scruggs: Best Anthology Movies (Which Aren't Horror)

Anthology movies are mostly a horror director's game, but there are some examples of western, crime, drama, and comedy anthology flicks — collected here.

Bill Murray Movies

Murray has been a comedic fixture in Hollywood from the 1970s, and with recent hit 'St. Vincent' he doesn't show any signs of stopping. Make sure you have a bottle of water handy because humor doesn't get drier than Murray, particularly if Wes Anderson gets involved.

Jim Jarmusch Comedy Movies

Enjoy this list of Jim Jarmusch's more comedic pictures, mostly produced alongside his partner-in-hilarity Bill Murray.

Movies Like Paterson: Jarmusch Gets Experimental

Enjoy the most experimental work of iconic Indie film auteur Jim Jarmusch, who looks more like a rockstar than a director if you ask us.