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'Movies Like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome': Mad Max and Company

Movies in the vein of the original 'Mad Max': when law and order crumble only the fittest survive. Check out this list of dystopian flicks featuring savage gangs of the future, and the heroes who step up to combat their reigns of tyranny.

'Movies Like Nuke Em High': 80s Teen Horror Comedy

Flippant, fornicating high-schoolers needed murderin' in the 80s and 90s just as much as they do now. Enjoy such tongue-in-cheek classics as 'Class of Nuke Em High', 'Prom Night', and 'Class of 1984'!

'Movies Like Blade Runner': Classic Cyberpunk Movies

Movies in the vein of 'Blade Runner': dystopias set in the near future, where human protagonists find themselves battling A.I., megacorporations, or some other form of technological oppressor. The genre also often includes elements of hardboiled detective fiction and film noir, to better convey the grittiness of the technological age's underbelly.