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'Movies Like Poltergeist': Classic Ghost Stories

The ghost story is a tried and true way to chill an audience, delve into our list of the most spine tingling examples from before the year 2000, including seminal haunted-house flick 'The Innocents' and Kubrick's enduring psychological-horror 'The Shining'.

'Movies Like The Innocents': Haunted House Classics

Looking for a classic spook-fest? It doesn't get much more classic than this collection of haunted house greats from across the years, including psychological, British masterpiece 'The Innocents' and the film that arguably kicked off the genre: 'House on Haunted Hill'.

'Movies Like The Exorcist': Classic Possession Movies

Old-school demonic possession flicks, in the vein of 'The Exorcist'; especially terrifying for those who attended Catholic School, and those with daughters who have a penchant for playing with ouija boards.