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'Movies Like Casablanca': Film Studies Staples

If you're in an introductory film studies class the odds are you will have to watch the vast majority, if not all, of the films on this list. If you haven't taken one yet, why not get started on your homework in advance!

Woody Allen's Favorite Films

Enjoy this list of Woody Allen's all time favorite films. Hint: you won't find too many Michael Bay numbers on here. On the plus side, if the color on your TV is busted you won't know the difference, because pretty much everything is black and white!

Movies Like Cinema Paradiso: Magical Italian Cinema

The Italians have produced some truly magical classics over the years, including 'Il Postino', 'Life is Beautiful', and 'Cinema Paradiso'.

Essential Italian Neorealism

Also known as Neorealismo: Italian movies set amongst the laboring classes, filmed on set without professional actors. What is the Italian for gritty? Grittioso?