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Best Drama Movies 2015

What's with 2015 and well-received boxing dramas? Of course, the YA crowd also received some treats with 'Paper Towns' and 'Me Earl and the Dying Girl'. Something for everyone!

Explore the World With Netflix Movies

A collection of Netflix Original films that explore different cultures across the globe; often tackling difficult periods in nations' histories, or complex socio-economic issues.

Movies Like War Machine: 'Netflix at War' Movies

Enjoy your favorite streaming service's first foray into the war-drama genre, with this collection of Netflix original movies.

Modern Coming-of-Age Foreign Dramas

French, Syrian, Chinese, or American - the trials of finding one's place in the world are much the same. Enjoy this collection of the very best modern coming-of-age dramas from across the globe.

'Movies Like Blood Diamond': Drama Movies Set in Africa

This collection contains modern drama films set in Africa. Many, however, are produced by western production companies and come with their own sets of biases and agendas.

'Movies Like War Witch': Gritty Child Soldier Drama

This collection features emotional and hard-hitting windows into the experience African child soldiers; includes the Canadian produced 'War Witch' and harrowing 2008 independent flick 'Johnny Mad Dog'.