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'Movies Like The Artist': Powerful Silent Movies

Actions speak louder than words. And actions set to weird, tinkly piano jigs speak loudest of all, as evidenced by this collection of the best silent movies from yesteryear. Whether they serve as propaganda or slapstick comedy, all are guaranteed to enthrall (while not waking your parents up)!

'Enjoy, Comrade': Acclaimed Russian Drama

Despite a troubled history of censorship, Russia has continued to produce movies acclaimed by critics foreign and domestic. 'Leviathan' is only the most recent of a staggering list of great Russian dramas.

Movies Like Triumph of The Will: Pre-WW2 Propaganda Movies

The largest, and most disturbing examples, of propaganda films before the second world war.

Avant-garde Cinema of the Early 20th Century

The techniques used in these films hardly seem experimental to us, but at the dawn of filmmaking they were groundbreaking. Take a step back into cinema history to see the origins of avant-garde filmmaking (and finally call yourself a true film-buff).